Abused dog found in ditch passes away peacefully at Manitowoc humane society

MANITOWOC COUNTY -- Manitowoc police are asking for the public's help to find information about a dog that was found in a ditch emaciated, shot with bullets and dying of cancer.

According to the Lakeshore Humane Society, the female hound was found along Highway Q.

Heartbreaking photos show the dog -- whom the humane society named "Mabel" -- with a tumor by her back leg and her nails untrimmed.

"No matter what their story, we ensure the humane and compassionate treatment of all animals entrusted to our care. We named her Mabel and in our hearts she belonged to us," the Lakeshore Humane Society said in a Facebook post.

Mabel passed away on Friday, Oct. 26 at the humane society.

"She was safe, warm, and surrounded by love as she passed away peacefully," the humane society says.

Anyone with information that can help police find the person responsible is asked to contact the Manitowoc Police Department at 920-686-6582.