"Absolutely horrendous:" Phony psychic scammed veteran with PTSD out of $92K, police say

TARPON SPRINGS, Florida -- Florida police say a woman claiming to be a psychic made a pretty good living scamming people -- snagging six figures from willing victims before a client turned her in.

"She exploited them, no doubt, out of close to $150,000," Sgt. Scott Gross with the Pinellas County Police Department said.

That includes a 33-year-old Iraq War veteran, who is disabled and has been diagnosed with PTSD.

Detectives say Gina Wilson promised she could stop his suffering, convincing him to stop taking medications and to keep their sessions secret, saying his VA doctor and psychiatrist, and even his own mother were part of the problem.

"She made some promises to him that she could bring him out of what she called 'the darkness' that she said he was in," Sgt. Gross said.

Investigators say Wilson got away with $92,000 in cash.

"That is absolutely horrendous that a person could do that. It's horrible, and I truly hope she gets whatever jail sentence is coming to her," Chloe Withall, neighbor said.

Wilson's business on Pinellas Avenue in Tarpon Springs remains open, but no one came to the door on Wednesday, May 24th when a WFTS news crew stopped by, and several calls to the listed phone number went unanswered.

The veteran finally alerted detectives during an annual "Fraud Awareness Seminar" hosted by the sheriff's office.

"She's looking for people who are vulnerable and anybody who, she's good at getting people to trust her," Sgt. Gross said.

Detectives arrested Wilson, but they believe there could be more victims in the area. They're asking anyone who has visited her to come forward.