AAA urges motorists to take precautions during Groundhog Day storm

MADISON -- As much of the state prepares for a Groundhog Day snow storm, AAA Wisconsin advises motorists to only travel if necessary. Even if you can drive well in the snow, not everyone else can. Drivers who must be on the road should take the following precautions:

Prepare an emergency kit for their vehicle. Be sure to include the following your cell phone charger, jumper cables, warm gear for all potential passengers (boots, hats, gloves), blankets, flares, flashlight and extra batteries, extra food and water for all potential passengers, general first aid kit, non-clumping kitty litter, ice scraper, snow brush and shovel, and extra windshield washer fluid.

    According to a AAA Consumer Pulse™ survey conducted last October, 82% of motorists in Wisconsin report being concerned about losing control of their vehicle in poor weather conditions. “Skids most often occur while braking or turning, so the best way to avoid them is to reduce your speed and increase your following distance,” said Nick Jarmusz, director of public affairs for AAA Wisconsin. “You should also avoid using cruise control in wet conditions, and remember that having four or all-wheel drive does not assist in braking.”

    If you do find yourself losing traction, AAA advises you to follow these steps: