A YouTube star gives her best advice on starting your own channel

Making a living on YouTube, it might sound like a dream, but a weekend conference is helping make it more of a reality for aspiring creators!

YouTube is now a $15 billion business for Google and these days, lots of people want a piece of that!

Recently, we went to a weekend conference called Vlog University, which aims to teach attendees everything they need to know about getting a YouTube channel off the ground, from cameras and lighting to editing!

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The conference featured Justine Ezarik, a very well-known YouTuber with over 6 million followers! Justine makes a living creating videos inspired by technology.

“They think it’s this crazy glamorous lifestyle. It can be, but there’s also so much hard work that goes into it,” said Justine who started making videos 13 years ago!

“The challenge of the younger people is to get the parents to understand, “hey support me, I’ll make more money than you do,” explained  Ben Kozuch, president of Future Media Concepts.

“I don’t think it’s too late to start a YouTube, I think everyone has something of value to add to the internet,” said Jessica Schrody who runs a channel called She Really Had a Baby.

Jessica likes the flexible lifestyle of entrepreneurship, but knows it’s not easy.

“It’s a lot of work, especially when you’re not super big and don’t have the budget,” said Jessica.

Joey Hall hopes to turn his personal vlogs into something more serious.

“I really want to reach out and meet other YouTubers and collaborate and really understand how they produce their content maybe, and get some tips and some ideas about how I can approach it,” explained Joey Hall.

In the YouTube world just because you make it doesn’t mean people will flock to watch. For every video with a million views, many others get just a few hundred which brings us back to Justine.

“I think my biggest advice is just start, make mistakes, it’s okay. It’s great to see where you started, and it’s even more rewarding to see where you can go,” said Justine.

Vlog University will happen again in various cities across the United States and they’re also making video feeds available to buy on their website.