A walk along Lake Michigan to remember our fallen service members: "They will never be forgotten"

MILWAUKEE -- On a beautiful Sunday morning, August 23rd in Milwaukee, hundreds gathered for a walk along Lake Michigan in Milwaukee to honor our fallen military heroes.

Being There, Reaching Out "Walk for Our Fallen Military"

The 9th annual "Walk for Our Fallen Military" allowed folks in Milwaukee to join thousands across the country walking or running to remember and honor these military heroes.

The walk in Milwaukee began at 8:30 a.m. and continued until noon.

It was a reminder that our freedom isn't free.

Those who took part in the walk in Milwaukee had an opportunity to reach out to and support families of fallen military members.

Virginia Belle Wichlacz lost her son in 2005.

Being There, Reaching Out "Walk for Our Fallen Military"

"It`s 10 years later, but we can still remember everything just like it was yesterday," Wichlacz said.

Wichlacz's son lost his life while serving our country in Iraq.

"For us, he`s forever 22. As the other kids grow and get married and have children, he`s locked in that one little spot," Wichlacz said.

Wichlacz's son was one of hundreds who were honored Sunday during the "Being There, Reaching Out" organization's "Walk for Our Fallen Military."

"They will never be forgotten. That`s the whole idea," Wichlacz said.

Being There, Reaching Out "Walk for Our Fallen Military"

Those taking part in Sunday's walk represented the 346 service men and women from Wisconsin who have lost their lives overseas or back here at home.

Being There, Reaching Out "Walk for Our Fallen Military"

"Unless we have actually walked in their shoes, it's a little bit hard perhaps to fully appreciate the sacrifice that they have made and continue to make," Lt. Corporal David Sorensen, Army Reserve said.

Those who took part in Sunday's event were able to write a message on a balloon, and then send that balloon up to the heavens for our fallen heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

The "Being There, Reaching Out" organization is planning a fundraiser set for September 26th at the Harley-Davidson Museum. There will be dinner, music, dancing and a memorial motorcycle ride. All proceeds benefit Wisconsin Families Of Our Fallen.

Being There, Reaching Out "Walk for Our Fallen Military"

CLICK HERE to learn more about "Being There, Reaching Out" and the September fundraiser.