"A tough challenge:" Goal of display in Waukesha is to help parents recognize signs of drug abuse

WAUKESHA -- The goal of a new display in Waukesha is to help parents recognize the signs of drug abuse before it's too late.

"Your Choice To Live," a non-profit drug and alcohol awareness organization put the display together.

It depicts a teenager's bedroom with "red flags" that can signal drug use.

Attorney General Brad Schimel says a heroin addiction can be hard to detect, especially when it comes to teenagers, because the behaviors that come along with it can be easily misidentified as regular teen behavior.

"You sleep a lot more. You're more withdrawn and less talkative. You spend a lot time with the door to your room closed. Those are all things that are pretty common behaviors in an adolescent -- so this is a tough challenge," Schimel said.

Also part of this display is an exhibit called "Deadly Decisions," which depicts the harsh reality of the opiate epidemic many communities across the country are dealing with.

It features 190 pairs of shoes -- which represent the number of overdose deaths in Waukesha County since 2012.

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