A successful MPS school is expanding: Golda Meir welcomes its very first freshman class

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- On this first day of school -- another first for Milwaukee Public Schools. A new high school is beginning its school year, with the first class of freshman getting ready to hit the books. MPS' Golda Meir School has had third grade through eighth grade gifted and talented students, and the school has been so successful, it has expanded to include high school students.

William Walker is one of the 150 kids that will be a part of Golda Meir School's first graduating high school class -- the Class of 2018.

"I have the chance, and every freshman here to set the tone to be potentially one of the best schools in the city," Walker said.

Many of Golda Meir's high school students were recommended by their teachers early on, who saw their abilities and love of learning. Previously, after eighth grade, these kids would look for a spot in an accelerated program at other Milwaukee high schools, but now, they have the option of continuing at Golda Meir.

"To continue in high school is a new experience because it's a new high school and there's so many new and different opportunities. I can learn so much more compared to a bigger school because this one is smaller," Walker said.

MPS officials created the high school -- taking over a building next door to Golda Meir, which was formerly a middle school.

Space isn't a problem, and MPS officials say there's interest in the school. Now, the focus is on paying for the next step with college scholarships.

"We believe if we instill this sense that's it's our expectation that you're going to college -- and not only are going, you're going to be successful at it and we hope to help you defray costs in preparation at this school,"

The kids who are a part of Golda Meir's first freshman class say they're not only excited for the first day of school, but also, their high school's very first day in operation.

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