A new work of art at the Milwaukee Art Museum is changing visitors' experiences

MILWAUKEE -- A brand new work of art, created specifically for the Milwaukee Art Museum, is changing people's experience as soon as they enter the building. It is one of four new exhibits in place this winter.

Words in bright blue and black vinyl greet visitors at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

"It actually is the very first time we have used the walls of Windhover Hall for artwork," said Margaret Andera, contemporary art curator at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

The piece is by Lawrence Wiener, a founder of the conceptual art movement.

"He considers himself a sculptor, but his medium is language, words," said Andera.

The words are "tempered within the lay of the land."


"He's an artist who very forthrightly says 'there is no one interpretation to my work,'" said Andera.

Wiener visited Milwaukee, studied the museum campus, and selected Windhover Hall for his exhibit "Inherent Innate Tension" -- giving visitors a new perspective of a familiar space.

"Making you stop and look at the things you may normally take for granted," said Andera.

Also new, "James Nares: In the City" and "Helen Levitts: In the Street." Through photo, film and a slideshow, both explore the theatre of New York City streets.

Milwaukee Art Museum

"The way New York is slowed down, you get to see people without knowing a camera is present," said Lisa Sutcliffe, curator of photography and media arts at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Both exhibits examine human interaction.

"It gives us a chance to recognize ourselves in strangers," said Sutcliffe.

Finally, "Eastman John and A Nation Divided" features paintings from the 19th century.

The exhibit is sponsored by the Layton Art Collection.