A new program at Arrowhead High School is bridging the skilled trades gap

Arrowhead High School Design Engineering Manufacturing Center

HARTLAND -- A state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing facility has opened in Hartland. The new 10,000-square-foot addition to Arrowhead High School is impacting both students and the community.

It's far from your typical shop class.

"Our curtains came down and the students started walking down the hallway and it was shock and awe, wow what's going on down here," said Arrowhead High School Engineering and Manufacturing Instructor Anthony Christian.

This year, students at Arrowhead High School were welcomed into the new Design Engineering Manufacturing Center.

The addition was made after area manufacturing companies approached the school about concerns over the skilled trades gap.

Arrowhead High School Design Engineering Manufacturing Center

An estimated 70 - 80% of manufacturers in Waukesha County are looking for skilled labor.

"I've learned to use a lot of new machines and there have been a lot of new things that I didn't even know existed," said Arrowhead sophomore Eli Orendorf.

Arrowhead High School Design Engineering Manufacturing Center

Many students are taking advantage of this program which integrates engineering and manufacturing...

"If you're a good engineer you need to be able to make things and if you're a good manufacturer you understand the design behind it," said Christian.

In a real world setting.

"We need to have bright lights, shiny floors, natural light, open space, equipment that reflects new technology," said Christian.

All students are encouraged to get involved.

Arrowhead High School Design Engineering Manufacturing Center

"I can kind of show up the guys because I actually pay attention when they're kind of the goofing off. Being a girl really shows them that I am a bit better than them and they need to step it up," said Arrowhead sophomore Julia Sajdowitz.

Providing a quality education and potential skilled employees for the community.

For more information on Arrowhead High School's Design. Engineering. Manufacturing Center CLICK HERE.