A new gadget is taking the pain out of needles; it's called Buzzy

MILWAUKEE -- Going to the doctor isn't much fun, especially if you have to get a shot. But a new gadget is promising to make the experience painless.

It's called Buzzy, and it's a small vibrating pack in the shape of a Bee. It uses a combination of vibration and cold to distract the brain while you get an injection. The device was invented by a pediatrician and pain researcher with hopes to alleviate the pain of getting a shot.

With the help of Dr. Tanya Altmann, I was able to try out the device. I got an injection of vitamin B12, which is said to give you a quick burst of energy. With Buzzy strapped to my arm, I barely felt the shot. Almost like my brain couldn't process all of the stimulation at once. If you are nervous about needles, it's worth a try.

Doctors can buy the device to have on hand at the office, or patients can purchase to have on their own. Either way, the device retails for between $40 and $75.

We also talked to Kalia Mellos, a young girl who suffers from CRMO. She discovered Buzzy online and started using it to manage her pain when receiving injections. She said it really changed her life and made the experience of constant injections a bit more bearable.

Now, Kaila is giving back. She is making care packages for other children newly diagnosed with her disease, which causes pain inside the bones. Her project is called "Kaila's Komfort" and each care package contains a Buzzy.