"A mini United Nations:" Holiday Folk Fair International offers the opportunity to travel around the world

MILWAUKEE -- This weekend at the Wisconsin State Fair Park Expo Center, guests had the opportunity to travel around the world without leaving the building! This, during the three-day Holiday Folk Fair International.

The annual event served as a sort-of passport around the world.

Holiday Folk Fair International


"It`s kind of a mini United Nations -- where you bring these individuals together that might disagree on a lot of issues, but they come together to celebrate, to share their culture, their values, their beliefs," Al Durtka, president of the International Institute of Wisconsin.

The Holiday Folk Fair International offered guests the opportunity to travel from Indonesia to East Africa without the costly plane ticket.

Holiday Folk Fair International

"We`re first-generation immigrants here, and I`ve been here for 18 years and for me, sharing my culture, especially food, it`s such a good blessing," Fatuma Adam said.

From handmade crafts to cultural cuisine, this year, Gail Deluiter brought her friend along to take it all in.

Holiday Folk Fair International

Holiday Folk Fair International

"Because she brought me food last year and it was so good!" Judy Greski said.

Deluiter and Greski spent the day eating their way around the world -- starting with Chinese.

"From here, we're going to go walk around a little bit and then try Mexican next," Deluiter said.

This year's fair broke down barriers and brought different people together.

Holiday Folk Fair International

"It`s a reunion of family and friends and I`ve made so many friends from different ethnic groups. I was walking around with one the other day and I said 'everyone gets along here. Why can`t we just get along they like do here?'" Mary Zelenka said.

More than 50 cultures were represented at this year's fair.

Holiday Folk Fair International

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