'A lot of packages:' Along the route of a USPS mail carrier on Christmas Eve

USPS delivery on Christmas Eve

MILWAUKEE -- Rain, shine, sleet or snow -- they brave the elements to deliver our most important parcels. On Christmas Eve, Monday, Dec. 24, U.S. Postal Service mail carriers made one final delivery before Saint Nick took over for the holiday.

"There's a lot of packages," said Leon Van Vooren, USPS mail carrier. "A lot of Christmas cards."

Trusted as a messenger for your important letters, Van Vooren covers five routes in Milwaukee.

USPS delivery on Christmas Eve

Leon Van Vooren

"For the last few weeks, they've been pretty heavy. I mean -- our package delivery is really abundant at this time," said Van Vooren.

He has done the job for more than 30 years -- ever since graduating from high school.

"The best part of it is being outside in the fresh air, interacting with the customers," said Van Vooren. "I like delivering anytime!"

USPS delivery on Christmas Eve

After a while, customers become more than familiar faces.

USPS delivery on Christmas Eve

"They're like your postal family, so to speak, out here," said Van Vooren.

Van Vooren said it never gets old -- even if that means working overtime.

"It's a 12-hour day," said Van Vooren. "Everything is scan-able -- so everybody knows when it's coming."

With service to pause on Christmas Day, you may not see your postal carrier over the holiday. However, behind the scenes, they would be busy with precious cargo in tow.

USPS delivery on Christmas Eve

"If you ever heard the phrase, 'there's always work at the post office'... there's always work the post office," said Van Vooren.

Priority Mail Express packages would still be delivered on Christmas Day. All post office locations were set to be closed for the holiday. Regular mail delivery would resume on Wednesday, Dec. 26. For details on the USPS holiday schedule, click CLICK HERE.