'A little bit of comfort:' Salvation Army of Wisconsin chaplains to aid in Nebraska flood relief

WAUWATOSA -- Help is on the way from Wisconsin to help the victims of flooding in Nebraska. Flooding has led to an estimated $1.4 billion in damage in the state this March. Thousands of homes have been destroyed, crops ruined and livestock killed.

Two chaplains from Milwaukee's Salvation Army left for Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday, April 6, to offer support and care at a multi-agency resource center for victims.


The center is serving as a one-stop shop for issues ranging from government paperwork, to social services, to emotional support.

"As you can imagine, people are experiencing a lot of anxiety and fear and worry. So, it's great to have chaplains' presence so they could talk with people and pray with them and just give them a little bit of comfort," said Pastor Alexis Twito, Milwaukee Salvation Army chaplaincy coordinator.

Earlier this week, four other Salvation Army chaplains left from Waukesha for Nebraska.

As a whole, The Salvation Army is set to enter its third week of flood relief work in the region. Service totals through Thursday, March 28 include: