A laser projector that gives a big screen movie theater experience at home

A movie theater experience at home for thousands of dollars less!

Let’s be honest, we’ve all dreamed of having that big screen movie theater experience at home and while today’s TV’s have given us a bit of that, a new laser projector takes the experience even further, for way less than before!

Enjoying a movie on the big screen at home is an experience that could easily cost you $10,000, but now a new projector is doing it for less.

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“Everyone always dreams about having this gigantic cinematic screen in their home,” said Allen Fung, General Manager at VAVA.

A company named VAVA has created the lowest priced 4K ultra-short-throw laser projector on the market.

“The laser uses an industrial-grade engine that lasts up to 25,000 hours, that’s the equivalent of watching it every day, 4 hours a day, for next 17 years,” explained Fung.

With a typical projector if someone were to walk in front of the screen – you’d be out of luck, but with a short throw, the image originates from so close, it’s not going to be interrupted!

“We really put a lot of thoughts and efforts into creating a product that really just blends into your home environment. The cool thing about ultra short throw is that about 8 inches away from the wall you can project up to 100 or 150 inches,” said Jeh Lin, Director of Marketing at VAVA.

VAVA set up a demo with a special grey screen that enhances the image, but you could just use a white wall.

The image was easily visible with the shades open, but better when closed.

It’s clear that it’s not as vibrant as your typical TV, but everything on screen has that cinematic quality.

Plus, the built-in speakers filled the room with sound!

At $2,800 dollars the VAVA 4K projector is thousands cheaper than the competition, a step towards a more affordable, home theater!

“What we’re really saying to the market is that this is meant to be a TV replacement,” explained Lin.

Remember it wasn’t too long ago that flat screen TV’s seemed expensive and now they’re everywhere!