A knock at the door, and you could be taken in a scam! BBB warning of door-to-door security salespeople

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A knock on the door, and you could be taken in a scam! Wisconsin consumer protection officials are receiving complaints about a door-to-door security scam hitting Milwaukee homeowners.

"Upgrade. Free. Installing a new system. People think they are getting a deal, and so they don't think twice," Ran Hoth, president of the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau said.

But the BBB says door-to-door security salespeople should be raising an alarm.

"We want people to buy from companies they can trust," Hoth said.

Door-to-door security salespeople are hitting homes in Milwaukee.

"The saleperson will act like they're apart of your existing provider," Hoth said.

They say they're providing a security system upgrade, or that your current security provider is going out of business. Neither is true.

"We always say if a salesperson comes and knocks on your door unsolicited and starts promising you a lot of things verbally -- unless you get those in writing, be careful," Hoth said.

In the Milwaukee area, some agents say they're from a company called AMP Security.

"An F grade (with the BBB) because they have 90+ complaints registered with the BBB. So, we think that's the tip of the iceberg," Hoth said.

So what should you do if someone comes knocking on your door?

Officials say you shouldn't make any decisions before reading the entire contract presented to you. You're also encouraged to check the company's reputation with organizations like the BBB.

Also - ask questions.

"Who's actually going to be doing the local monitoring? Will it ever get to the police department? Are there codes that are set up in you village or municipality that allow for monitoring service?" Hoth said.

You should never feel pressured into buying something you don't want or need, but if that does happen...

"The FTC and state cooling off period allows for them to think twice, look at the contract, do some research, check with other security alarm systems before you get locked in. You can re-nig on that contract through the three business days through the cooling off period," Hoth said.

File a complaint with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Get consumer help with the Wisconsin BBB