A growing list: Dozens of stores pledge to remain closed on Thanksgiving Day

MILWAUKEE -- In addition to the Mall of America being closed on Thanksgiving Day, several other retailers are doing the same.

According to bestblackfriday.com, while the common reason for these closures is "so employees can spend more time with friends and family," many stores also want to "bring Black Friday back," since it has really lost some of its luster in recent years.

Here is a growing list of retailers that will be closed on Thanksgiving Day:

    While Mall of America will be closed, according to BestBlackFriday.com, individual stores have the option to be open. This actually means certain mall employees may have to work for security and maintenance reasons, which kind of defeats the purpose of the mall being closed if a lot of stores open.

    Ace Hardware and True Value are independently owned, so each owner decides the Thanksgiving hours.

    BestBlackFriday.com pointed out that "Thanksgiving Blue Laws" for Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine prevent stores in those states from being open on Thanksgiving, regardless of what the national chain is doing.

    BestBlackFriday.com will be updating its list of stores that will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day as the holiday approaches.

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