'A great thing to do:' Photographers providing free headshots for unemployed workers

MILWAUKEE -- The coronavirus pandemic has left millions of people unemployed and searching for that next job. Something that can make you stand out is the perfect headshot. Now, local photographers are stepping in to help.

Robert Tyree has been a photographer for decades.

"I've been doing photography since the late 70s when my brother bought me my first camera," said Robert Tyree, Tyree Photography.

Robert Tyree

Tyree says the perfect headshot can be the key to landing a job.

"When you look at your headshot, you want it to say confident, approachable. The headshot can be that compelling component that says 'stop, look at me, and judge me on the rest of my qualifications,'" said Tyree.

Tyree is one of 200 photographers offering to take that headshot for you, for free. With millions unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic -- headshotbooker.com is working to book 10,000 free appointments by July 22.

"I think it's a great thing to do and it’s a great way for me to give back to the community with something I like to do," said Tyree.

Tyree is hoping to sell out when he and two other photographers set up at Mayfair Mall next week.

"Essentially we’re giving away a couple million dollars in services," said Tyree.

The photographers will be wearing masks and cleaning the station between each appointment.