'A great swim:' Cream City Classic celebrates progress towards clean, healthy water in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Several swimmers jumped into the Milwaukee River on Saturday, August 10 for the second annual Cream City Classic. However, the swim means much more than a chance to dip into the river.

Several swimmers diving headfirst into the Milwaukee river is not a sight you see every day.

Cream City Classic

Connor Andrews

"Just great conditions for a great swim today," said Conner Andrews, a swimmer.

Conner Andrews is an avid swimmer, but on Saturday, his strokes meant something special. He's promoting clean waterways, taking part in the second annual Cream City Classic.

"It's very unique," said Andrews. "I don't think there's another swim like this, at least in this state."

The open water race celebrates progress towards clean, healthier water in the city, raising the expectations of what meaningful water experiences mean to Milwaukee residents.

Cream City Classic

James Biles

"We can have swim-able, drinkable, fish-able water," said Brenda Coley, the event's co-executive director.

"The water was really clear and really clean on the surface, so I was happy," said James Biles, who finished first.

Biles crossed the finish line first for the second year in a row. He says the mile and a half course has improved from last year, and the view is breathtaking.

"It's really cool. You can see the Riverwalk as you're swimming through," said Biles. "Swimming under the bridges is always cool because you have that shadow."

Cream City Classic

As swimmers finished the race, they hoped other people would get their feet wet, too -- and be more conscious of how the waterways are treated daily.

Swimmers this year hope people will continue to keep the waters clean so they can do the event again next year.

Cream City Classic