'A good time:' Local organization using dance to help seniors get on their feet, connect during pandemic

MILWAUKEE -- Many senior centers remain closed due to COVID-19, leaving the elderly isolated. Now, one local organization is helping seniors get on their feet and outside.

"Today is just a little cardio class for a group of ladies that come every Friday," said Marsha Bukofzer, Serving Older Adults.

The non-profit organization "Serving Older Adults" is finding creative ways to connect seniors during the pandemic.

Serving Older Adults "Silver Steppers" dance program

The organization manages five Milwaukee County senior centers programming and dining -- all of which are currently closed.

"They’re already isolated and now they’re more isolated and so this is a great way for us to give them an opportunity to get out," said Bukofzer.

The Silver Steppers are taking advantage of the outdoors.

"Line dancing, stepping, bopping," said Patricia Mims, Silver Steppers instructor.

Serving Older Adults "Silver Steppers" dance program

The group gets together every Friday -- jumping at the chance to get outside.

A smile with every step, these ladies connect not only to the music but each other. Plus, they enjoy some cardio.

"We practice social distancing and wear a mask and they stand far apart, but they still get to engage with their friends and just have a good time," said Bukofzer.

Other programs the organization offers is outdoor yoga, woodcarving, and fitness classes.