A different way to work out: Check out what Pettis Martial Arts has to offer

ST. FRANCIS -- Plenty of people are looking for that solution to stay fit -- and make it last. On Wednesday, April 13th, Brian Kramp visited Pettis Martial Arts in Milwaukee to learn more about a different way to work out.

About Pettis Martial Arts (from website)

Pettis Martial Arts teaches the most effective fighting techniques on earth! Our Pettis Striking program in Milwaukee can turn anyone - regardless of age, gender or previous experience - into a quick and powerful fighting machine.

If you are looking to build iron-clad self-defense skills while getting an amazing, body-sculpting workout that's more effective than any other fitness program you'll ever find. You can expect all that and more when you take the Jiu Jitsu classes at Pettis Martial Arts!