'A cool vibe:' Farmhouse Paint Bar and Cafe invites guests to unwind with crafting and drinks

MILWAUKEE -- With the hustle and bustle of the holidays over, things were just starting to ramp up in early 2019 at Farmhouse Paint Bar and Cafe.

"Winter is our busiest time of year," said Thaime Nanez, owner.

At Farmhouse Paint Bar and Cafe near 6th and Layton, guests can create special treasures with friends and family. Patrons are invited to paint on a canvas, create a wooden sign, or create a glass mosaic -- all while enjoying their favorite drinks from the bar.

"You're working, again, on a project, but then you're having a drink," said Nanez. "I think the drink is the part that tells you, 'hey, you're chillaxing. You're having a great time.'"

Even though the cafe is inspired by an artist's studio, you don't have to be an artist to have a lot of fun.

"It has a cool vibe," said Sydney Sawatzke, West Bend. "I think it will be really fun just to paint and relax."

The business has been around just over two years, but they added some crafts for 2019, like mosaic glass tile -- something unique to the area.

"It's really fun because it's a different medium we're going to be using," said Nanez.

Guests are encouraged to be creative. Employees guide visitors through their crafts every stroke of the way, making sure they take home a handmade piece they're proud of.

"I think it's nice to make sure you have family time so that you can get together and just make memories that will last forever," said Sawatzke.

It doesn't matter what your artistic ability is -- in this farmhouse, everyone is an artist.

Nanez said they hope to open a market outside the studio in the spring.