'A cool breeze off the water:' MFD suggests looking to the lakefront amid high temps and COVID-19 

MILWAUKEE -- With temperatures hovering near 90 during the first full week of July, cooling off can be challenging, and doing so safely amid the coronavirus pandemic even more so. First responders said it's all about getting back to basics.

It's important to minimize outdoor activity, enjoy the shade and drink plenty of water. Amid COVID-19, it's hard to find places that are cool and safe.

Lt. Michael Ball

"If you get there and you see that it's just too crowded to maintain that distance, you may have to look at other options for cooling down," said Lt. Michael Ball with the Milwaukee Fire Department.

Lt. Ball said saying safe while keeping cool is simple.

"Our lakefront, we are blessed in our city to have such a great lakefront with beaches, and a lot of space to spread out," said Lt. Ball. "There are lots of places for shade along the lakefront, some parks along the lakefront and hopefully take advantage of a cool breeze coming off the water."

Traditional spots like cooling sites, pools or movie theaters might be crowded -- or closed -- but outdoor spots with a breeze can be a good alternative, provided you stay hydrated.

"Water is always best," said Lt. Ball.

As for wearing a mask in the heat, Lt. Ball said you should do so, but if it's truly impairing your breathing -- don't.

"If you're finding it hard to breathe with the mask on, then you need to make sure you're maintaining your distance from everyone else to give them that respect, as well, and to protect yourself and them," said Lt. Ball.

So while it may be another hot Midwest summer, it's important to remember were in a pandemic -- so it's important to be smart. It's also important to make sure you're looking out for your elderly neighbors.

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