'A call to action:' Song called 'Break the Cycle' aims to combat domestic violence in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- First, he helped make songs about combatting bullying and violence. On Saturday, Oct. 5, FOX6 News caught up with a Milwaukee activist working on a special project aimed at preventing another major issue plaguing our community -- during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Song combatting domestic violence

More than just a beat and a melody, the song is about a serious issue that, tragically, too many people deal with.

"It hits home to a lot of people," said Tracey Dent, executive producer and community activist.

"The abuse started out as small things, like damaging my stuff," said Jihan Todorovich. "It then became physical. Then, it became verbal."

Todorovich, a domestic violence survivor, became emotional hearing the lyrics.

Song combating domestic violence

Jihan Todorovich

"It most definitely brought me back memories," said Todorovich. "It's most definitely saying, 'Break the cycle.' You have to eventually know what's best for yourself."

Just as she found the strength to leave, she wanted to support the message in the song.

"It means a lot to me to bring awareness to the situation," said Serita Campbell, a singer/songwriter who helped put the finishing touches on "Break the Cycle."

Pulling from parts of her own childhood, Campbell painted a picture of a perfect relationship that progressively got worse.

Song combating domestic violence

Serita Campbell

"I'm hoping people would listen to the song, look at the video, and identify with the problem," said Campbell.

Dent said they collaborated with the Sojourner Family Peace Center on this project.

"They are going to be part of the video when we start shooting, and we will do a call to action," said Dent. "What we want them to do is encourage people -- men and women -- to reach out for help."

The therapeutic and eye-opening music involves words intended to make a change.

Organizers said the video would debut at the Sojourner Family Peace Center.

Meanwhile, you can listen to "No Amount of Tears," created in 2018 to combat bullying by CLICKING HERE.

CLICK HERE to listen to the "Stop the Violence Song" created by the Voices Against Violence Coalition in 2017.

Song combating domestic violence