"A bunch of gashes on his legs:" Man says cousin was bit 17 times during dog attack

RACINE (WITI) -- A dog attack in Racine on Saturday, August 23rd has left a man and two kids with multiple injuries. Family members say one of the kids is just six or seven years old.

Officers would not confirm what type of dog it was, but a family member of one of the victims says it was a pit bull.

"It looked like a shark attack that's how it looked the gash reminded me like shark week like it was a shark attack," said Tony Bean, a cousin of one of the victims.

"I just left the hospital with him he had like big gashes like right here and on his legs and stuff a bunch of gashes on his legs but it`s like real significant right here and right here. So it was like pretty bad," Bean said.

Bean says his cousin was bitten 17 times by the dog, but police have not confirmed the information.

"I guess the dog just ran off from one of the yards over here and attacked them," said Bean.

William Hunter says he saw the attack happen.

"I walked towards the back of the house and I seen this big dog on this child. He just tasted the blood, he wanted the blood," Hunter said.

Hunter helped get the child to safety, and that's why he says the dog launched itself at him!

"He came full blown charged at me I whipped around there slipped fell," said Hunter.

A shattered windshield is now a battle scar of Hunter's escape.

"I jumped up and did a leapfrog jumped up on the car," Hunter said.

At this point it's unclear where the animal is being held, or what will happen to the dog.

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