'A bit surprising:' 2 charged in wake of bar-time brouhaha outside West Bend Taco Bell

WEST BEND -- Police are investigating a bar-time brouhaha at Taco Bell in West Bend that happened early on Feb. 17 -- and was caught on camera. It's led to charges against two men.

Dispatcher: "West Bend 911."

Caller: "Yeah, I'm at the Taco Bell in West Bend. I'm an employee. People are fighting and someone fired a gun. I don't know if they hit somebody."

The scene was outside of a Taco Bell drive-through around 2 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 17. Two men, identified as Nicholas Pepin, 27 and Brett Stokoe, 33, were sitting in line at the drive-through when a red car pulled up behind them.

Prosecutors say the people in the red car were complaining about their orders being incorrect.

An employee told the people in the white car to pull up and their order would be brought out. Instead, they pulled off to the side and approached the red car.

Video shows Stokoe approached the front passenger window while Pepin walked to the driver's side. Police say that is when Stokoe started choking the front passenger -- and then began punching the car's windows.

An employee stepped outside to try and stop the fight -- and then...

Caller: "Yeah, there's a gun. They fired a shot. We heard it. We saw a gun."

The criminal complaint says Stokoe had a black handgun and fired a shot into the air. Everyone scattered -- and the suspects took off.

Jeremiah Quirk works next door to the restaurant. He said luckily, nobody was hurt in the shooting, but it still makes him worried about safety.

"Yeah, it is a bit surprising," Quirk said. "It was early in the morning. Thankfully none of us were here, but again, you never know. It could happen at any time."

Nicholas Pepin, Brett Stokoe

Both Stokoe and Pepin have been arrested. Stokoe faces one count of disorderly conduct as party to a crime, use of a dangerous weapon and one count of operating a firearm while intoxicated. He made his initial appearance in court on Feb. 19. A hearing was set for Feb. 28. Cash bond was set at $2,500. Pepin faces one count of disorderly conduct as party to a crime. Cash bond was set at $150. His initial appearance was set for March 14.

The manager of the Taco Bell declined to comment on this case.