A big day for a little girl nearly stabbed to death in Waukesha: The start of seventh grade!

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- A little girl, stabbed and left for dead in the woods in Waukesha by two girls who were supposedly her friends had a big day Tuesday, September 2nd. She headed back to school -- for her first day of seventh grade.

The girl survived 19 stab wounds, and spent much of her summer recovering from the stabbing incident that occurred on May 31st.

After what she has been through, it is easy to understand why this little girl was ready to head back to school.

"May 31st of this year -- this little girl gets lured into the woods and stabbed 19 times," the girl's family's spokesman Stephen Lyons said.

12-year-old Morgan Geyser and 12-year-old Anissa Weier have been charged as adults in the case -- each facing a felony first-degree intentional homicide charge. The girls apparently stabbed the victim in order to appease Slenderman -- a fictional online character.

"You saw the most horrific thing happen," Lyons said.

The little girl, stabbed 19 times, has had a stressful summer of surgeries, specialists and recovery.

"A typical week, for weeks at a time, eight or 10 doctors appointments," Lyons said.

On Tuesday, the little girl started seventh grade with a smile.

"Throughout the summer, the parents would write on a grocery list, and put down groceries, and at the bottom of the list she'd always write 'school supplies.' Every week: 'school supplies' -- so she wanted to get back to school. She was excited about it," Lyons said.

Lyons says the girl is grateful to be getting on with her life as her healing continues.

"Now we're dealing with some of the emotional needs. This little girl is in therapy and so is her family. Rightfully so -- and getting the help that they all need to address this horrific situation. This is one of the first chapters in a very long book, but having said that, we like where the book is headed," Lyons said.

As for her recovery, this little girl still has a long way to go. The girl's family continues to accept donations to cover the cost of her treatment -- which could reach the $400,000 mark.

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