'A big concern:' Stepping Stone Farms driveway damaged by weather; nonprofit seeks help

FRANKSVILLE -- For more than a decade, one southeast Wisconsin nonprofit has been dedicated to helping others through interaction with horses. Now -- Stepping Stone Farms is asking for your help.

"We are a nonprofit horse rescue and therapeutic farm," said Lia Sader, Stepping Stone Farms executive director. "They are either used in riding lessons, therapy riding lessons."

The farm has laid a foundation where relationships are built -- not with people, rather with horses -- but the steps to get there aren't so solid.

Lia Sader

"It's a big concern and like I said, it's only getting worse," said Sader. "It's horrible."

One look at the driveway shows a Wisconsin winter creating one rough ride.

"And getting worse. The freezing and thawing cycle that we've had. And all the rain that we've had," said Sader.

Sader said the farm received a generous donation of recycled asphalt last year; however, without a truck to transfer it -- they've hit a roadblock.

"Thirteen loads donated from Payne and Dolan," said Sader. "We're just kind of desperate to get the material here so we can at least patch it, so we can get through winter."

The paths have become so bad -- an elderly pony named Whistler is refusing to risk his hooves for a trip outside.

"He doesn’t want to go over this frozen mud. He's almost 40 years old," said Sader.

Unsafe for her horses, volunteers and clients, Sader said she hopes the road to Stepping Stone Farms will soon be as rock solid as their mission -- once again.

"It's there -- the material is there for us, but we don't have a way to get it.  It's very frustrating," said Sader.

If you'd like to help, you may contact Lia Sader by phone at 414-379-2314 or by email at liafarrier@gmail.com.