$90,000 worth of parmesan cheese stolen in Marshfield recovered in Grand Chute

MARSHFIELD -- $90,000 worth of parmesan cheese stolen from a WOW Logistics on Laemle Avenue in Marshfield has been recovered. The Marshfield News Herald reports the cheese was located in Grand Chute, which is near Appleton.

Marshfield police said they got a tip on Thursday morning, January 28th.

Police in Grand Chute found the entire shipment of parmesan cheese intact in a facility in Grand Chute. According to the Marshfield News Herald, the product had been unloaded into a warehouse.

Police said the cheese was being held in a safe place, and where it goes next hasn't been determined yet.

It's unclear whether the semi trailer that was stolen along with the cheese has been located.

Marshfield police were notified of the theft on January 15th. It was believed the theft occurred 24 hours prior to the report of the theft. A total of 41,000 pounds of parmesan was stolen. A semi picked up the cheese, but never reached its destination in Elgin, Illinois.

Police say no one is in custody -- but they are following up on some leads.

This case remains under investigation. If you have any information that could help Marshfield police, you're asked to call them at: 715-384-0800.

On January 25th, Germantown police said $70,000 worth of cheese stolen from D&G Transportation on Bunsen Drive in Germantown on January 22nd had been recovered in Milwaukee.

D&G Transportation

Germantown police indicated in a Facebook post on January 22nd that the 2012 Great Dane semi-trailer was stolen from D&G Transportation on Bunsen Drive in Germantown a short time after midnight on January 22nd.

One of the department's Facebook followers apparently located the trailer at 89th and Tower in Milwaukee. The trailer was empty.

The trailer originally contained $70,000 worth of cheese product.  Officials say the semi that was used to steal the trailer was recovered.

On January 25th, Germantown police said the cheese product was recovered in Milwaukee -- but no arrests have been made.

Authorities believe the intention may have been to re-sell the cheese after it was stolen.

"All of the cheese was recovered. I believe that the intention was to sell the cheese. Right now, we're exploring all investigative options," Lt. James Theep with the Germantown Police Department said.

Police aren't saying where, exactly the cheese was found -- just that it was in Milwaukee.

"It was found at two different locations in the city of Milwaukee. That's all I can say right now," Theep said.

If you have any information regarding this theft, you're urged to call 262-253-7780 or call the Washington County Law Enforcement Tip Line at: 1-800-232-0594.