9,000 gallons of jet fuel collected from pipeline leak

MILWAUKEE -- 9,000 gallons of jet fuel that leaked out of a pipeline at Mitchell International Airport has been collected. That leak went unnoticed for roughly two weeks. The Wisconsin DNR tells FOX6 News more fuel could have leaked into the waterway nearby.

The DNR is closely monitoring the situation surrounding the pipeline. At the moment, officials see no immediate environmental concerns as a result of the leak -- and officials say it's clear the leak never reached Lake Michigan.

Officials determined the fuel was leaking from the airport grounds and flowing into Wilson Creek and the sewer system.

The pipeline has been shut off and the leak is believed to be contained. However, as a precaution, there are skimmers on the creek near Howell and Layton Ave., to pick up any additional fuel in the water.

In order to fix the problem and prevent further leakage, it will be necessary to shut down one of the airport runways on Friday.

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