8-year-old tells Santa all she wants is for her sister's diabetes to go away

FRANKLIN, Va. -- A 10-year-old Virginia girl told Santa all she wants for Christmas this year is for her sister's diabetes to go away, according to WTKR.

Abby Eger, 10, is diabetic -- so her 8-year-old sister Jamee wrote to Santa in an effort to get his help.

"I don’t want my toys this year. All I really want is for my sister not to be diabetic anymore and I don’t want her to have that sad life so can you please, at least try?” wrote Jamee in part of the letter.

Their dad Andrew messaged the letter to his wife Julie while she was at work.

“I actually had to take a minute because even though they are good sisters to each other, they fight like any other sisters,” Julie Eger told WTKR. “It was very compassionate.”

Abby was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in February of 2017.

“My mom she fixes different kinds of foods for my diet so my blood sugar doesn’t go high or very low,” said Abby.

Her mother said it’s been hard because she has had to learn a whole new way of eating which has drastically changed the way the entire family eats.

Now they eat fewer carbs and monitor their sugar intake. Julie said her husband lost 40 pounds and she has lost about 30-40 pounds. They have a created a systemic routine they follow to ensure Abby’s sugar levels stay at a healthy level for her.

“It’s all about education and diet,” said Andrew Eger.

The family said this entire process has been a learning experience and they have leaned on the help from friends, family and coworkers.

They said the process has been overwhelming and emotional at times as they learned how to help Abby with her diabetes.

Abby uses a pump now, but they previously had to give her six to eight shots a day and constantly check her blood sugar levels.

They said no one in their family has Type 1 Diabetes, so there was a lot for them to learn to keep Abby safe.

Jamee eventually heard back from Santa about her Christmas request to forfeit gifts in exchange for Abby to not have diabetes.

The letter read in part, “I know it’s hard on your family and Abby with her having her having diabetes. I would love nothing more than to take that away from her, but sadly that is something out of our control and power.”

But Santa praised Jamee for being so thoughtful and selfless.