8-year-old girl saves her mother's life after quickly recognizing symptoms of stroke

CHARLES COUNTY, Maryland -- An eight-year-old girl in Maryland knew exactly what to do after her mom suffered a stroke. She just happened to learn recently how to recognize the warning signs, and she ended up saving her mom's life.

A'nasia Clayton loves to talk, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, considering the eight-year-old's communication skills saved her mom's life.

"She is something very special to me because she is one of my parents," A'nasia Clayton said.

Charles County officials gave her an award for her bravery, which she said she's pretty proud of.

"It was like very, very exciting," A'nasia Clayton said.

In August, A'nasia and her mother were at home when mom's face started to twitch.

"I was confused? I was like, 'what is wrong?'" A'nasia Clayton said.

"It was just me and her in here. And all of a sudden I was like 'A'nasia, I can't feel nothing on my left side. This headache? I don't know what it is,'" Janee Clayton said.

Luckily, A'nasia had recently looked up the word "stroke," and she had a hunch that was what she was witnessing.

The eight-year-old girl calmly called 911.

A'nasia: "Hello?"

Dispatcher: "Hello. 911. Do you have an emergency?"

A'nasia: "I am in the house with my mom, and I think she had a stroke now."

A'nasia: "All I remember is her face twitching."

Dispatcher: "And why do you think she is having a stroke?"

A'nasia: "Um, because her face is turning to the right. The door is unlocked. I just unlocked it."

Dispatcher: "Alright dear. You are doing a great job. Your mom is going to be awful proud of you the way you are helping her out."

Proud doesn't even begin to explain it.

"I love you. I love you too," Janee Clayton said.