8 Oak Creek officers named "Top Cops" by President

Washington D.C. (WITI) -- Eight members of the Oak Creek police department were named some of America's "Top Cops" by President Obama on Saturday, May 11th. The president recognized the officers during a ceremony inside the White House.

All eight of the officers responded to the Sikh temple last August after a gunman opened fire inside the temple, killing six. President Obama pointed out the heroics of the first officer on scene, Lt. Brian Murphy.

"When a gunman opened fire on a temple in Wisconsin and Brian was the first to arrive, he did not consider his own safety. He fought back until help arrived and ordered his fellow officers, who are here today, to protect the safety of the Americans worshiping inside -- even though he was lying there bleeding from 12 bullet wounds. When he was asked how he did it, he said, 'That’s just the way we’re made,'" said President Obama.

Other Oak Creek officers recognized include Sam Lenda, John H. Finco, Julie Grauberger, Dean Kleinhans, Michael Shultz, Derick Slamka, and Kelly Romel.

The officers joined cops from nine other states being recognized for a job well done.

"These officers represent the best of us and they deserve the best from us. And that begins with being thankful to them, not just today, but for the rest of their lives and recognizing the sacrifices not only they make, but their parents and spouses and kids who watch their loved ones go off and serve every day, knowing that there's real danger out there," said the President.