618 Live serving suspension, but will make new requests before committee

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Club 618 Live in downtown Milwaukee is currently serving a 90-day suspension of its license. However, on Tuesday, December 3rd, club leaders will appear before Milwaukee Common Council's Licensing Committee with a new request.

Even though the club is in the midst of a suspension, club leaders will go before the Licensing Committee on Tuesday to try to get the club's license renewed -- and that isn't sitting well with one neighbor in particular.

"This is a simple renewal of the license. It's very pedestrian. It's just one of those typical parts of business that you have to do every year," 618 Live spokesman Craig Peterson said.

In renewing its license, the club is asking for some changes to its hours and additions to the club.

"In the industry, you have to be up on the latest trends and what the consumers want. So you want to be able to provide to the consumers what they're demanding at that place and time," Peterson said.

Club leaders would like to add comedy acts, a battle of the bands and extend the club's hours.

However, the Hilton Garden Inn, a neighbor of the club, isn't happy with the proposed changes.

"We do have a concern that if they are allowed to have these extra hours in this extended venue that the safety issue will grow," Lisa Farrell said.

The club is serving its suspension after safety and nuisance issues arose in a complaint.

"Completely separate animal. Those issues were tackled and discussed," Peterson said.

Peterson says the Council has already ruled on the club's license.

"Our license was not revoked. Ald. Dudzik had an opportunity. He made a motion on the Council floor to revoke the license, and that motion failed," Peterson said.

Peterson says this is just a routine annual renewal of the club's license.

"There should be no new objections. There should be no instances of problems in the file since the last hearing. There couldn't be.  We haven't been open," Peterson said.

The Hilton Garden Inn says they will be persistent in fighting the licensing of the club until they feel a suitable solution is offered.

The club feels this should be a simple issue that will be handled quietly on Tuesday.