6 acres of sunflowers provide burst of sunshine at Florida farm

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. -- The saying goes, "April Showers bring May Flowers... and what do May flowers bring?" At Sweetfields Farm in Brooksville, they bring visitors.

Sweetfields Farm has six acres of sunflowers.

"They are like, a burst of sunshine that you can take home with you," said Lisa Kessel of Sweetfields Farm. "Right now is a beautiful time to come out."

The fields are full of sunflowers in various stages of bloom. That's why visitors are showing up to see the fields and check out the other produce on the farm.

"Sunflowers, why do people like them? Why not!" she joked, "They bring so many smiles (and) who doesn't need a smile right now?"

With the concerns for social distancing and limiting the number of people in one place, Sweetfields Farm has had to make changes to their normally open door policy.

"We are keeping our numbers at the farm to a limited amount. Do not just show up," said Kessel.

The Kessels are pointing people to their website to make a reservation to visit on a day when the numbers allow for it.

Their normal Sunflower maze is still there, but here's an insider secret.

"This year, the maze is different," Kessel shared. "We've got directional arrows."

While that may take away the fun of getting lost in the tall sunflower stalks, it keeps families from bumping into each other while lost in the field.

"The scenery is gorgeous, and brings a smile to your face, said Kessel, "(It) gives you an opportunity to spend that time with your family outside of your home."

Sweetfields Farm is located in Brooksville, Florida.