5th graders create haunted yard, raise money for WI Humane Society: "We want to help the animals"

MENOMONEE FALLS -- A group of fifth graders in Menomonee Falls used their love of Halloween as a spooky way to give back to the community.

The boys created a haunted yard to raise money for the Wisconsin Humane Society.

This was the second straight year they've put together the haunted yard for charity.

In 2016, they accepted donations for the Menomonee Falls Food Pantry and raised $100.

The boys said this year has been bigger and better.

"They know where to hide. They know when to hide, where to go, how to get a second scare out of them," Danny Whitty said.

"We just want to help the animals because we know they are going through a hard life in cages all their life, being mopey, having not a ton of food to eat, and they're not having as much fun as they would have being with a family," Charlie Andersen said.

The boys said it took them roughly three days to set the whole thing up. They had the haunted yard open four times leading up to Halloween, and they plan to continue doing this for years to come.