54-year-old Racine man charged in theft of metal scaffolding

MOUNT PLEASANT (WITI) -- 54-year-old Harry Exum of Racine has been charged in connection with the theft of metal scaffolding.

Exum faces one count of misdemeanor theft, repeater in connection with a theft that occurred on November 19th of 2013.

Officers were dispatched after a witness reported seeing a man steal a ladder from a neighbor's property. That witness reported the man placed the ladder on the back of his vehicle and drove away.

The criminal complaint in the case says the witness called the property owner who said it wasn't a ladder that was stolen, but actually, a section of aluminum scaffolding, which had been used for repairs.

The complaint says the property owner estimated the scaffolding's value at $1,500.

The witness was able to obtain Exum's vehicle's license plate number, and officers determined the vehicle was registered to Exum.

Officers responded to Memorial Scrap in Mount Pleasant, and determined Exum had sold 77 pounds of scrap aluminum for $33.11, according to the complaint.

A manager photocopied Exum's ID as the purchase was made, and officers obtained that copy, and a copy of Exum's receipt, according to the complaint.

The scaffolding was recovered, and positively identified by the property owner.