$500 flat fee: Stiffer penalty for littering takes effect April 1 in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- A stiffer penalty for litterers kicks in on Monday, April 1 in Milwaukee.

With the arrival of spring, melting snow has revealed a disgusting mess in many neighborhoods -- trash buried under the snow all winter. Unfortunately, littering happens all year long, resulting in unsightly and unsanitary consequences in our neighborhoods.

City leaders scheduled a 10 a.m. news conference Monday to talk about the new fine for littering in Milwaukee, which is a $500 flat fee -- eliminating the $25 to $500 penalty range for the first littering offense on public or private premises, and the $50 to $500 range for each subsequent offense.

The legislation was sponsored by Alderman Russell Stamper II, and passed unanimously by the Milwaukee Common Council in February.

Monday's news conference will include Alderman Stamper II, Alderwoman Chantia Lewis, Joe Wilson with Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful, Municipal Court Judge Derek Mosley and Milwaukee police.