5 years later: Who is mother of Baby Theresa, found in garbage bag?

THERESA (WITI) -- Tuesday, April 29th marks the fifth anniversary since the body of a newborn girl was found in a garbage bag in the woods in the Town of Theresa.  Since the discovery of "Baby Theresa," many leads have been exhausted and the mother of the child has yet to be identified.

According to Dodge County Medical Examiner P.J. Schoebel, “Autopsy findings indicated that Baby Theresa was a full term infant, weighing eight pounds and 20½ inches in length who had suffered no trauma which would have resulted in her death. In addition a complete toxicology screen was performed and was negative for any drugs in her system."

The Dodge County Medical Examiner has changed the manner of death in this case -- saying the baby is no longer thought to have been killed. Now, investigators believe this to be a "fetal demise" -- and say Baby Theresa was a stillborn.

Baby Theresa was found on Lone Road less than one mile from State Highway 175 and less than three miles from U.S. 41 (across from the Theresa Marsh).

The investigation ruled out the possibility that residents close to where Baby Theresa was found were related to her.

The Wisconsin State Crime Lab in Madison analyzed evidence recovered from the scene and identified what is believed to be a DNA profile of the biological mother.

The DNA profile is being run through a national database of convicted felons and sex offenders to look for a match.

A Jane Doe warrant for the crime of hiding a corpse has been issued. The warrant alleviates any statute of limitations requirements.

Members of the community came forward to support Baby Theresa after she was found. The Lowell Cemetery Association provided a cemetery plot so Baby Theresa could be laid to rest.  Cornerstone Funeral Home and community members donated money and items to make the burial possible.

Detective Vickie Brugger has been investigating this case from Day One.

"I remember it was late afternoon and my lieutenant called me and said 'someone found a baby in a garbage bag in the woods up by Theresa.' I'm pretty confident that no one who lives in the immediate area was related to that child. This is no longer a homicide investigation. This is truly trying to get closure for the community. I really want closure in this case. It really pulled at the heartstrings of the community," Brugger said.

Brugger says the focus is now on finding Baby Theresa's mother, and learning why she left the baby alone in the woods.

"I believe, I truly believe there's someone out there that knows the mother and they need to know that it's okay to come forward.  The mother is not going to prison for homicide by any means, and it really would mean a lot to the community to bring some closure to this case.  Let's find out who mom is," Brugger said.

If anyone has any information about the identity of the biological mother of Baby Theresa, you're urged to contact Detective Vickie Brugger at 920-386-3715 or Medical Examiner PJ Schoebel at 920-386-3941.