5-year-old's injuries required 50 stitches after dog attack: "Most awful thing I've ever experienced"

SPOKANE, Washington -- A five-year-old girl has been asking her mother when she'll ever look normal again after she was attacked by a dog. Injuries to her face required 50 stitches.

The dog was in quarantine at Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service after the attack. He was picked up by animal control officers. While his owner is fighting to bring him home, five-year-old Desandra is recovering from her injuries.

The girl's mother said she just wants to be a normal kindergartner again.

"All she wants to do is go to school, but she doesn't want people to ask about her face," Tazra Wren said.

Tazra Wren said her daughter is self-conscious and in excruciating pain after she was mauled by a friend's dog.

"Literally, pieces of her skin were missing off her face. Being a mom and seeing her like that was like the most awful thing I've ever experienced in my life," Tazra Wren said.

The girl said the dog who attacked her was getting into it with a smaller dog and she got caught in the middle.

"Seeing my baby in so much pain, it was horrible," Tazra Wren said.

Tazra Wren said she wants to make sure the dog won't hurt anyone again.

"I think the dog should be put down. If I could do it myself, I would have," Tazra Wren said.

SCRAPS officials said while that is an option, it's not the only possible outcome.

"If the owner meets the registration requirements, can be returned to the home. Those requirements are fairly strict," Nancy Hill, SCRAPS director said.

The requirements include keeping the dog in an approved enclosure, $250,000 in liability insurance and a muzzle and leash every time the animal is out of the approved space. Annual inspections and fees are also required.

Tazra Wren said that's not enough for a dog she fears could kill.

"They were literally inches away from her throat. Her eye. My baby will have a scar on her face for the rest of her life," Tazra Wren said.