5-year-old boy has nightmares after someone fired paintballs, injuring him during Trick-or-Treat

PHOENIX, Arizona -- A group of nearly 30 people visiting a neighborhood haunted house on Halloween were the targets of a nasty trick.

People in a car driving by fired paintballs at them, hitting at least four people, including five-year-old Logan White.

"It was a happy night turned into something not so happy," said Kristopher White, the little boy's father.

It happened around 7:30 p.m. near 31st Avenue and Sweetwater in Phoenix.

Logan was dressed up as his soldier father for Trick-or-Treating. He was hit in the cheek by the spray of paintballs. After the incident, the little boy's face was swollen and sore.

Logan's father said he's had nightmares.

"It's just scary because it could have taken his eye out. We had our baby with us. If it had hit the baby, 12 days old, it could have killed our baby," said White.

The boy's father tried to chase down the car from which the paintballs were fired, but the driver got away.

Phoenix police are investigating.

They believe the suspects were driving a silver Dodge Durango or similar vehicle with a roof rack.

"It's just disappointing to me that that would be funny or a good time to do that to children," said White. "I think that if they saw him and saw what they did they'd probably regret doing it."