44-year-old Sturtevant woman arrested for sixth OWI

MOUNT PLEASANT -- Mount Pleasant police arrested 44-year-old Mary Ellen Olson for her sixth OWI on Friday, April 20th.

The criminal complaint in the case says police observed Olson operating a gold minivan westbound in the left lane of State Highway 38 in the Village of Mount Pleasant Friday just before 7:00 p.m. Police say Olson was traveling at a very high rate of speed (75 - 80 miles-per-hour) in a 45 mile-per-hour zone.

During a traffic stop, Olson told the officer she didn't know how fast she was going. The officer noticed an odor of intoxicants, and Olson told the officer she had a "couple beers."

The officer attempted to conduct field sobriety tests but the wind was blowing in Olson's face and she asked if she could perform the tests indoors. Olson was transported to the police station via the police squad where she told officers she could not perform the walk and turn test due to a leg injury.

During a breath test, Olson had to attempt the test three times, and officers observed a shiny bronze or copper object in her mouth that they discovered was a penny. Officers asked Olson to spit it out, and she said all she had in her mouth was gum, which she spit out. Officers said they believe Olson swallowed the penny.

Olson was transported to the hospital for a legal blood draw, the results of which are not known at this time.

If convicted, Olson could face six years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Olson has prior convictions in addition to her five OWI convictions, including resisting an officer in 2000, criminal damage to property in 2001, and maintaining a drug trafficking place in 2006.