43-year-old man killed in motorcycle crash in West Allis

WEST ALLIS -- West Allis police officials say 43-year-old Todd Peterke of Greenfield was killed in a motorcycle crash in the 7500 block of W. Beloit Road on Saturday night, October 20th.

Police say Peterke was traveling westbound on W. Beloit Road on his motorcycle, when he reportedly attempted to pass a vehicle on the left that was driving in the right lane. As the motorcycle was passing the vehicle, it came up on a West Allis DPW vehicle stopped in the left lane for road maintenance.

Peterke attempted to switch lanes in front of the vehicle he was passing and struck the rear corner of the DPW vehicle.

Peterke was thrown from the motorcycle into the path of the vehicle he was passing. Witnesses reported the vehicle then struck or ran over the motorcycle operator before they could stop.

Peterke died at the scene.

Officials say the driver who struck Peterke is cooperating with the investigation.