414 Day 'celebrates what makes Milwaukee awesome' all over the city

MILWAUKEE -- Happy Milwaukee Day! April 14 celebrates the city and all of its accomplishments -- and our beloved city means something to everyone.

"I think of beer and home," said Nicole Carlson.

"I mean, it's our area code. It's kind of just an arbitrary day, but a fun thing to do," said Jillian Carlson.

414 Day

414 Day recognizes how far the city has come, and brings together Milwaukeeans from all over to celebrate. It's a holiday especially close to one author's heart.

414 Day

"Today is like Christmas, and the fact that the Bucks are in the playoffs, that's like extra presents under the tree," said Jenna Kashou.

Kashou wrote the book "100 Things to Do in Milwaukee Before You Die," laying out classic and must-see places scattered throughout the city. The book was released early -- just in time for 414 Day.

"It's just the perfect sort of collision for all these good vibes," said Kashou.

414 Day

414 Day

Good vibes were contagious at several breweries and bars across the city, including Milwaukee Brewing Company. The brewery says they were one of the first businesses to celebrate the holiday.

"I think it's very Wisconsin of us to all rally and enjoy a party," said Hannah Falk, Milwaukee Brewing Company.

From specials to 414 glasses, people lined up to get beer released just for the holiday. With the Bucks playing their first game of the playoffs, it seems like everything is falling into place for the city.

414 Day

"Just get out, go have some fun and just celebrate what makes this city awesome," said Mikey Doney of Glass + Griddle.

If you want to purchase the book "100 Things to Do in Milwaukee Before You Die," click HERE.