409 Sub Club: Special ed students raise money for class trip and charity one sandwich at a time

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Many of us will grab a sub for lunch every now and then -- but not from a business like this. Some Milwaukee students are funding their class trip, and clothes for the homeless, one sandwich at a time.

Special ed students are Golda Meir School have formed a bond through their own club, 'The Sub Club.' As the school year winds down, they're closing in on their two goals: serve others and save money for an end-of-the-year class trip.

They spread, they stack and then they wrap. Once a week the special ed school students come together to form the 409 Sub Club.

"I got this idea from another special ed teacher at Bradley Tech High School who runs the same thing with his students," said Joshua Griffey, teacher.

What's truly exceptional about these 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, is the efficiency with which they make sandwiches off a menu they now know by heart.

The students even came up with their own logo, put it on aprons and they also came up with the name, 409 -- it's named after their classroom number, room 409.

"After a couple of weeks, we were selling maybe 15, 20 sandwiches every week to the staff members -- they were really supportive," said Griffey.

"Sometimes they still order it even if they already have a lunch," said April Chambers, 7th grader.

Teacher Joshua Griffey says, with each delivery, the students have raised about $700 -- $100 for the rescue mission, the rest for a class trip to Minneapolis.

"It's huge, not only to be a part of something but to provide a service and do good things for other people, I think does a lot for their self-esteem -- gives them pride, confidence and it's really exciting to see that with them," said Griffey.

As the year winds down, the oldest students realize they won't be part of next year's Sub Club. So they're savoring these final days.

"Well my favorite part of Sub Club is when we're all together and we're having a good time," said Chambers.

"There's a couple times when I can step back and they're running the whole show on their own and that makes me incredibly proud of them cause they did it," said Griffey.

Griffey says the goal for next year is to find sponsors for the club. He says Pick 'n Save already provides the bread. He hopes to find similar deals on the rest of the food so every bit of revenue goes either to charity of toward the class trip.