40 couples wed at Milwaukee County Courthouse on Valentine's Day

MILWAUKEE -- Valentine's Day is a day all about love. In Milwaukee, some made it their wedding day.

Approximately 40 couples got married at the Milwaukee County Courthouse on Friday, Feb. 14 -- otherwise known as Valentine's Day 2020.

The courtroom was decorated for the occasion and staff members even provided refreshments. As you can imagine, it was a big day for couples.

Marvin Robinson (L) and Davita Mims (R)

"This has always been his idea for us to come to the courthouse, but me, I wanted the grand finale of a wedding," said Davita Mims, who married her now-husband Marvin Robinson at the courthouse Friday. "We could go back and forth...and finally I just gave and said, 'you know what...the best thing is that we're married and that we love each other, so it doesn't really matter where we get married at.'"

The court judges and commissioners were just as excited, volunteering their time to officiate. The special Valentine's wedding day has been going on at the courthouse for more than a decade.