4 arrested after road rage incident sparks fight near Washington Ave & Green Bay Road

MOUNT PLEASANT -- Four people were arrested for disorderly conduct following an argument that stemmed from a road rage incident near Washington Avenue and S. Green Bay Road Friday afternoon, September 2nd.

According to Mount Pleasant police, one vehicle had allegedly cut off another vehicle, and occupants of both displayed hand gestures, yelled profanities and threatened each other while driving.

Police say the occupants of both vehicles began to fight upon stopping at the intersection.

A witness reported to police that all of the occupants appeared to be involved in the fight. Including one person who may have been struck in the face and knocked to the ground, sustaining a small injury to her head. Police say she was treated for a minor injury at the hospital and then was transported to jail shortly after that.

Authorities say one of the vehicles left the scene before police arrived. However, with the help of witness statements, officers were able to identify the suspects involved that fled.

According to police, four suspects were arrested and taken to jail -- one suspect has not yet been located.

A charge for disorderly conduct is being referred to the District Attorney's office on all five suspects.

A charge for operating after revocation was also referred on the 26-year-old driver of one of the vehicles.