360 degree FanCam photo taken at Lambeau Field

GREEN BAY -- Wisconsin sports fans last saw the FanCam at the Rose Bowl where it took a 360 degree picture from the field, just before the kick off. Now, the latest 360 degree stadium snapshot taken at Lambeau Field during Sunday's Packers vs. Giants game is set to go online Monday.

The camera that takes the high-definition shots isn't a huge piece of equipment. A crew from Replay Photos operates it by hand, taking hundreds of split-second shots that will be digitally matched up later.

Fans can go online, zoom in on their exact seat and have a picture of themselves at Lambeau Field before kick off! "This is going to be cool to literally pick out where you're sitting and to see you," Dan Welter said.

People can even "tag" themselves in the photo, email the image to friends or post it to Twitter or Facebook. "I know I'm going to do that. I sure need a little bit more proof that I was here," Eddie Murray said.

Some Packers fans at Sunday's game had posed for the FanCam before. "I was on the FanCam shot in Miller Park for the Brewers win over the Diamondbacks," Don Wiarek said.

For the vice president of Replay Photos, the picture from Green Bay has special meaning. Kevin Stemke had a brief career as a Packers kicker, but is better known for his time playing for the Badgers in the late 90s. "We're really excited. We think it's going to be one of our best FanCams yet!" Stemke said.