32-year-old convicted sex offender facing new charges

RACINE -- Racine police officials have charged 32-year-old David Williams of Racine with one count of child enticement (repeater), one count of first degree sexual assault of a child under age 12 (repeater) and one count of sex offender registry violation (repeater).

The criminal complaint in the case says the victim was interviewed at the Child Advocacy Center and disclosed that she was left with Williams while her mother was at work, and that Williams is her mother's boyfriend.

The victim told officials she was asleep on the couch when Williams picked her up and carried her into her mother's bedroom, laying her on the bed. The victim said Williams then began to bite her all over her body, and then licked her on her vaginal area.

The victim told officials this happened only one time, though there was another incident when it almost happened again. The victim said she was asleep on the couch but woke up and saw Williams standing next to the couch, staring at her. The victim said her mother was at home and still sleeping, and Williams ran back into the bedroom and got back into bed.

The victim originally confided in her mother's sister regarding the incident, who contacted authorities.

Williams has a lengthy list of past convictions and incarcerations. Williams is a convicted sex offender.