"31 years! Why now?" Archdiocese says this year will be the last for Hubertus "House of Horror" - but why?

HUBERTUS (WITI) -- The Archdiocese of Milwaukee says a haunted house in Hubertus run by the St. Gabriel School is too dark. This year will be the last for the Hubertus "House of Horror."

The Hubertus "House of Horror" is in its 31st year. Volunteers say it's all about having fun. The Milwaukee Archdiocese says this year will be the last year this haunted house will be allowed to operate.

"From the minute you walk in, your adrenaline is rushing. It's so much fun and it's so exciting. You don't know where they're going to jump out and get you," volunteer Lynda DuPuy said.

People have been scared at the "House of Horror" in Hubertus for the last three decades. The haunted house is put on by the St. Gabriel Parish and community volunteers.

The haunted house raises more than $70,000 a year for St. Gabriel School.

"It took 30 years to get the reputation we have," DuPuy said.

The group that is used to surprises recently got one they were never expecting.

"We all just kind of went, WHAT?! 31 years...why now?" DuPuy said.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee says this will be the last year for the haunted house. A spokesperson told FOX6 the haunted house "is not representative of Catholic values or the Catholic community."

"There's a lot of anger. There's a lot of frustration. It's hard to wrap your brain around," DuPuy said.

The St. Gabriel Parish priest says there were concerns about "circumstances or situations that did not seem to align with the joy of the Gospel message."

This is news haunted house volunteers don't want to hear.

"I don't believe that's an informed decision. Christ is at the core.  As Christians that's important.  Why can't it happen in a haunted house? What they're saying is just not true. It's a gem of a school and I don't want to see that threatened," DuPuy said.

The haunted house volunteers have invited Archbishop Jerome Listecki to the haunted house, but he hasn't taken them up on the offer. The haunted house is open every Friday and Saturday night.

The final performance is set for November 1st.

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