30 arrested after large fight at Bay View High School

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say 30 arrests were made Thursday, October 18th after a fight in the school cafeteria quickly became a brawl at Milwaukee's Bay View High School.

Police say they responded to the school just before 9:00 a.m. Thursday. 22 MPD squad cars and 29 police officers responded to the scene.

The school was placed under "lockdown" for a short time.

Officials say several fights broke out following breakfast in the school cafeteria.

"A lot of fist punching, kids stomping on tables in the cafeteria," one student said.

Those arrested include eight adults (17-19 years old), 20 juveniles (13-16 years old) and two 11-year-old students. The adults and juveniles arrested received disorderly conduct citations. The 11-year-old students were transported to MPD's District 6 and released to their parents.

Police say upon officers' arrival at the scene, students were fighting, yelling and being profane and offensive.

Milwaukee Public Schools security officials attempted to clear the cafeteria and the fighting continued. Police say those involved resisted the attempts of MPS safety personnel, teachers and MPD to break up the fight.

A Milwaukee Public Schools spokesperson says a school safety aide fell while responding to the fight.

Some parents who showed up at the school after the fight were upset. 

"As a parent, I'm her mother. Why can't I get my child out of that school? This school needs to be shut down," Jennifer Lewan said.

MPS Superintendent Gregory Thornton came to Bay View H.S. but did not address the media. School Board President Terry Falk did have a few words to share.

"I think (police) want to get on top of the situation and that's what they did. They sent a lot of people very quickly to deal with the situation," Falk said. Falk also said this is not the norm for Bay View High School. 

MPS spokesperson Tony Tagliavia also told FOX6 News: "We know that the inexcusable actions of some do not represent the more than 1,000 students of the school."

A group of parents and a school board member told FOX6 News they have been working on a plan to turn the neighborhood around, change curriculum at the school and making the school more of a neighborhood school.

Police say there were no serious injuries reported as a result of this incident, however, one child was treated for an asthma attack.